Whole House Automatic Standby Generators


While whole house generators are not an inexpensive proposition, they've become more affordable in recent years mainly due to advances in technology such as load shedding, which allows a smaller generator to power the house, and also supply some heavy loads such as air conditioning if enough power is available, while cutting them out if it's not, allowing for seamless power.

We are familiar with the  installation of major brands of standby generators, such as Briggs and Stratton, Generac, Kohler, and Winco.  We are authorized service people for Briggs and Stratton generators, and provide maintenance, and repairs for those we install.

Selected Circuit Automatic Standby Generators


If powering the entire house is more than you're looking for, there are several options for powering the important circuits in your house with an automatic generator.

 From an integrated transfer switch/generator panel, to provide automatic emergency power to selected lighting loads, refrigeration, selected receptacle circuits to make living through a power outage more comfortable, and to keep your food from spoiling, with a small generator, to using a mid sized generator with a transfer switch and adding a sub panel to supply the majority of your lighting and receptacle loads, this is an option worth considering.

Portable Generators


If you're a handy, or capable sort, a portable generator can be a reasonably priced solution to emergency power needs.  

You can power most of the house using a portable generator if you make sure to keep heavy loads turned off so that you don't overload the generator with the installation of an interlock switch in your circuit breaker panel, which ensures that the utility power can not be on at the same time as the generator power, keeping both you, and the utility workers safe.

There are also pre-packaged generator transfer panels which connect to your main panel.  Each of up to ten circuits has it's own transfer switch, which allows you to switch it from utility power to generator power.